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26: The Four Seasons

26[Albatros/Albatros Media]The Four Seasons Joli Hannah/Amanda Gulliver Introducing The Four Seasons – a delightful children’s book that explores the wonders of each season and the accompanying weather. Talia, Coco the cat, and Moon the dog take young readers on an enchanting journey, sharing the unique characteristics of each season and the reasons behind them.

25: Snowflakes On Our Tongues

25[Sleeping Bear Press]Snowflakes On Our Tongues Mike Ornstein/Pauline Gregory Farmer Pumpernickel has a blissful, peaceful farm with his contented cows, satisfied sheep, pampered piglets, cheerful chickens, and happy horse. All is as it should be. But when winter arrives with its cold weather, something wacky happens when the good farmer isn’t looking.

23: I Hope You Will Know

23[Collective Book Studio]I Hope You Will Know Jaren Ahlmann/Pete Olczyk This joyfully illustrated and artfully designed love letter celebrates the reader or gift giver’s deepest wishes and, perhaps most importantly, unconditional love for their cherished ones. Written by Jaren Ahlmann and illustrated delightfully by Pete Olczyk with a diverse array of people and relationships, this …

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22: Snow Place Like Home

22[Thomas Nelson]Snow Place Like Home Lacey Baker On a rare trip home for the holidays, Ella may have finally uncovered the secret to a joy-filled future by getting lost in her past. Nothing captures the holiday season more than a good Hallmark romance with a dash of Sweet Home Alabama!

21: No One Owns the Colors

21[Collective Book Studio]No One Owns the Colors Gianna Davies/Brenda Rodriguez No One Owns the Colors is a lively celebration of self expression and a bolstering invitation to advocate for your own special uniqueness. Melodic text by Gianna Davies paired with Brenda Rodriguez’s vibrant illustrations represent every end of the spectrum—from pink and blue to scarlet …

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20: Mother Winter

20[Creative Editions / The Creative Company]Mother Winter James Christopher Carroll A poetic personification of the winter season, Mother Winter goes walking “on the longest cold night,” inviting the reader along to experience chill winds, icy ponds, white snowdrifts, and other quiet wonders.

18: Gotta Go!

18[TOON Books, an imprint of Astra Books for Young Readers]Gotta Go! Frank Viva Legendary New Yorker cover artist Frank Viva brings his joie de vivre to a stylishly charming picture book relatable to readers young AND old: how to hold it all the way to the bathroom! Little Owen should have listened to his mom …

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17: Christmas Ahoy!

17[Sleeping Bear Press]Christmas Ahoy! Erin Dealey/Kayla Stark Everyone is gathered at the harbor for the holiday boat parade, and the countdown begins . . . including six dancers on a sugar plum ferry and even seven gingerbread houseboats. But when the yacht with nine reindeer arrives with no Santa, everyone is worried ─ until ten …

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