Publisher How-To and FAQs

Reserving an ad is an outright purchase of space and cannot be canceled once the reservation form is submitted. Contact Suzanne Shoger if you have any questions or need clarification about ad rates. Once a reservation has been submitted, your company will be invoiced for payment which is due upon receipt.

Sign In to Create and Update Your RAMP Publisher Account

  • If you have reserved an ad with RAMP in the past (summer or holiday), your account is already active. Sign in with your email address, make sure your prefilled contact and billing information is updated, and open the form to start reserving ads.
  • If you are establishing a new account with RAMP, sign in with your email address as above, enter your contact and billing information, and open the form to start reserving ads.
  • Please note that the contact and billing information displayed in your account pane will apply to ALL ad reservations. If you make changes, it will supersede any previously entered information. If you need to request special billing or order confirmation preferences for a specific ad, you may do that while completing the reservation form.

Reserving a Summer Catalog Ad

Once your contact/billing information is updated, click the Save and Continue button to open the order form. To create a new registration, click the + Add a New Reservation button and fill out the required fields in the form, and then save. If you would like to reserve additional ads, click the add button again and submit. Click the Update button at the bottom to recalculate your total ad buy. You will receive an email confirmation at the address associated with your account when each reservation is submitted.

Billing and Invoicing

When completing your ad reservation, you may specify whether you would like all of your reservations grouped into one invoice or sent separately, or indicate other invoicing instructions or preferences. You may also request confirmation to be sent to an additional email address. If you need to provide any other special instructions for your ad, please use the Order Notes field. You may also contact RAMP directly at or use the Help form on the Publisher Portal page.

Updating and Editing Your Ad Reservations

If you are opening the Publisher Portal page on the same computer you used before, you will already be logged in to your account. If not, or if you logged out, enter the email address you used before, Click the red Save and Continue button to view your existing ads, add new reservations, or update ad information (click on the pencil icon next to the ad title). You may edit any of the ad metadata, including the title, ISBN, author/illustrator, ad copy, cover art, imprint, and list price. Once an ad has been submitted, the ad rate is not editable. Please contact Suzanne Shoger if you have any questions about the rate.

Help and Tech Support

Click the red Help! button to open a support ticket. Questions are typically answered on the same business day (EST) they are submitted. You may also contact RAMP support directly at Billing and ad rate questions will be directed to Suzanne Shoger.

How Does RAMP Use Your Data?

RAMP does not share or sell any data or otherwise use it for any other purposes than to process ad orders and produce catalogs and associated marketing material. RAMP does not collect or retain any financial or payment data. Online payments are processed securely through Stripe. Contact information, including email addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers are never shared publicly for any purpose, and accessed only to RAMP staff to complete orders and produce catalogs and associated materials. For more information, please refer to RAMP’s privacy policy.