Author/Illustrator: Sarah Darwin, Eva Maria Sadowski/ Olga Baumert

Let real-life scientists Sarah Darwin and Eva Maria Sadowski enlighten you about the fascinating facts of evolution: what it is and how it works. Dive into the history of life on Earth and learn about the theory of natural selection that Sarah’s great-great-grandfather, Charles Darwin, and naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace came up with together. In this beautifully illustrated book, feature spreads explain the important things that you need to know and a timeline plots the history of life on Earth. Find out how plants, humans, pet dogs and everything else came to be and what this might mean for our future.

This is the perfect book for the the Holiday Catalog cover because it features lovely festive colors like the lush green in the leaves and the ruby red tomatoes. The illustration is a nod to craft and skill as its hand painted. The cover is visually striking and draws you in which makes it the perfect pick for this year’s catalog contest winner.