RAMP bookstores reached 10 MILLION READERS last year with print and digital catalogs. Building on the success of 2020’s newly-added direct mail campaigns, 2021 promises to be even stronger with 8 new Summer and Winter Email campaigns direct-to-consumer. Sign up early for Summer Emails and the Winter Print Catalog and Emails and reach more readers in new ways!

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NEW for 2021!

In addition to the always-popular Winter Print and Digital Catalogs, RAMP is introducing 4 Summer Email campaigns this year, designed to match books with readers during another “holiday” season — summer vacation. Join RAMP in 2021 for year-round reading, indie style!

FREE Summer Email Campaigns

The hottest summer titles delivered directly to
readers’ inboxes on 5/21, 6/10, 7/1, 7/30.

Winter Catalogs and Emails

Professionally designed, full-color print catalogs and consumer emails.

NEW! FREE Summer Emails

Sign Up for Summer Email Campaigns

Summer Email Sign-up is no longer available.

Hot Off the (Digital) Presses!

Just in time for warmer weather, RAMP’s 4 Summer Emails will deliver the hottest titles directly to your readers’ inboxes, setting you up for sales both online and in-store. Each Summer Email will focus on a specialty theme and will include a broad array of titles for adults and children.

  • Wellness: Summer Email 1 – May 21, 2021
    Email details (updated as books are confirmed).
    Edelweiss Collection
  • The Great Outdoors: Summer Email 2 – June 10, 2021
    Email details (updated as books are confirmed).
    Edelweiss Collection
  • Hot Summer Reads: Summer Email 3 – July 1, 2021
    Email details (updated as books are confirmed).
  • Back to School/Work: Summer Email 4 – July 30, 2021
    Email details (updated as books are confirmed).


RAMP Summer Emails are personalized for your store and are designed to capture your customers’ attention on a regular basis over the summer months, driving them to your e-commerce platform to purchase. All you need to do is provide RAMP with a few details and your personalized summer reading program will be good to go!

1. Add Your Store Logo

Your store logo is placed in the message header. Alternatively, RAMP can place your store name (in a complementary color and style) instead of a logo image.

2. Customize your Welcome Message

Add custom copy (50 word max) in the message header or use the default copy. Your choice!

3. Provide Your E-commerce Order Info

RAMP Summer Email Campaign emails will link titles and banners directly to your store’s e-commerce solution. Just provide a few details in the form below and RAMP will handle the rest.

Winter Catalogs and Emails

Order the Winter Catalogs (FREE Winter Emails Included)

2021 Winter Catalogs and Emails

The 2021 Winter Catalog Order form is closed.
Title Lists Here.

Free Catalogs

  • Up to 12,500 catalogs per member store are FREE and all orders include free freight
  • Minimum order quantity is 500; you must order in multiples of 500 unless using direct mail
  • Quantities over 12,500 may be purchased for $55 per 500 or $.11 per catalog if using direct mail
  • Catalogs are full color, 16 pages, 6″ x 10.5″
  • Catalogs can be sent to your store, mailed directly to customers, and/or inserted in newspapers


  • Personalize your catalogs by adding your store logo, hours of operation, a coupon, and more
  • Cost to customize is $150 and includes front and back covers (see form for details)
  • Minimum of 2,000 catalogs must be ordered for customization

Direct Mail

  • Direct mail postage is $.20 per catalog
  • Mail to existing or potential customers or both

    House List: Deliver print catalogs to existing customers using your current store mailing list

    Saturation: Reach potential customers in your area by mailing catalogs to targeted neighborhoods and zip codes


  • Catalogs may be sent in boxes of 500 to your local newspaper or multiple newspapers for insertion.


  • Four Winter Catalog emails are available at no extra charge to send to your customers to drive sales online and in-store.
  • Sign up for Summer Emails and opt in for Winter!

Catalog Title Lists + Details by Association

List and title information will update as books are confirmed.

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