Have You Seen Dinosaur? #2

David Barrow

A boy, and his friends—dog, elephant and bird—decide to look for a dinosaur in the city. It is surprisingly hard to spot! This absurd, brilliantly interactive, laugh-out-loud picture book is a guaranteed hit with children who will love being the best at spotting dinosaurs.

As the friends search the skate park, the museum, the subway… delighted readers will be pointing “There! There!” right from the first page.

David Barrow’s richly illustrated, dramatic cityscapes are eye-catchingly beautiful, emotional and funny, all at the same time.

David Barrow’s previous best-selling debut picture book Have You Seen Elephant? has starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews and School Library Journal and has been chosen for book charity programs in the US and UK and shortlisted for a major bookseller award in the UK.